Aspec and Relative Tense

molsen@astrid.ling.nwu.edu (Mari Broman Olsen) writes:

>TO make what was supposed to be a short answer end quickly, I would be
>careful to attribute 'aspect' to forms that show a uniform meaning of
>the type assigned to aspect cross-linguistically, roughly the
>imperfective and the perfective, and resist the temptation to
>attribute aspect to other types of problematic interpretation issues.

>I hope this is fair.

	Quite fair and correct.  I was mistaken in thinking that aspect extended
beyond the type of action of the verb to the action's position in time, when
not in reference to the time of speaking.  Mari's suggestion that the sort of
problems I mentioned in Col. 2:17 and 1 Tim. 2:15 have to do with
distinctions between absolute, and relative tense seems correct, and I should
probably have been addressed them from that standpoint.

David Moore