Re: Kohlenberger's concordance

On Sun, 25 Sep 1994, Linda L. Housholder wrote:
> I see a listing now in Christian Book Distributors for an exhaustive 
> Greek concordance by Kohlenberger, published by Zondervan. In a further 
> listing I see there is also a Greek-English concordance, also by 
> Kohlenberger.
>   Does anyone have further information about these volumes?

I haven't seen them yet but I would imagine that they are quite good. 
(Although I would be disappointed if the "English" in the Greek-English 
concordance is the NIV---one look at the NIV Exhaustive Concordance shows 
what a mess alignment between GNT and NIV is!)

If people are looking for a cheaper, more lightweight alternative for 
looking up particular lexemes, e-mail me about my book _Index to the 
Greek New Testament_. It's basically an exhaustive concordance of UBS3/4 
without context quotes.

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