Re: Rom. 1:26-27

Gregory Jordan:
"physis" in Rom 1:26-27 is not the individual preferences and practices of
this or that person.  Physis here = what Paul sees as "normal" sexual
behavior which = male/female relations.  What's "physis" for Paul here and
elsewhere is what conclusions he draws based on common experience and what
he thinks as the divine plan.  
	Please respect the principle that there is always a potential difference
between what you yourself (or anyone else, for that matter) propose as
Christian sexual attitudes and what a given author under study may have
believed.  We normally understand this, except, it seems, when it comes to
"scripture", for we have trouble accepting that we and scripture might
disagree on anything important, esp. heroes like Jesus and Paul.  But
having read now several e-missives from you on Rom 1 et alia, I remain
persuaded that Hays has done a much better job of handling the text here,
and that whatever the merits of what you wish Paul were saying, Paul
wasn't saying it!
	I cherish no illusions that my demurring will check your
enthusiasm in the slightest, but I simply thought it would be OK to report
that from my standpoint your argument isn't working well with the texts in
question.  Call it the teacher symdrome, offering criticism of work!
Larry Hurtado, Religion, Univ. of Manitoba

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