Re: Rom 1 and phusis

   on Sept. 28, 1994, Greg Jordan wrote:

>I don't think you realize the extent to which you are positing an unusual 
>theological twist on this passage yourself.  You seem to be saying that 
>God causes homosexuality at the same time as he condemns it, and that 
>homosexuality is a product of and development from disbelief in God, 

    That's not what I am arguing.  I am arguing that:
1.  Neither Paul, onor any place in the OT or NT is there any place that
distingushes between different kinds of homosexuals (that;'s modern hair-splitting).  For Paul, all such activity is "ordinary homosexual" activity.  
2.  Paul in Rom 1 argues that because Gentiles as a whole have rejected God,
God has delivered them over to a God-alienated state in which they
consciences are dead and they pursue actions and lifestyles that deserve God's
wrath, the epitomy of this rebellion being displayed by homosexual activity 
which is contrary to the phusis God gave humans in the first place.  However
the individual came to practice this sin,