Johannine Literature list

To the number of you who have asked about the existence of the Johannine
literature list:

JOHNLITR is  an electronic  conference designed  to provide  a forum  for those
interested in a  dialogue concerning the Fourth Gospel. Its  primary aim is the
Gospel of John and  related fields of interest that tie  to an understanding of
this Gospel.  This conference is open  to all points  of view in order  that an
extended dialogue may take place. It is  hoped that the approach will be one of
academic pursuit and not simply an argumentative forum. Thus all are welcome to
provide wisdom  and insight.  An FTP  site will  also be  provided in  the near
future for users to obtain Biblical tools and programs. In addition, we hope to
publish  an  electronic  journal  on  the Fourth  Gospel,  so  we  welcome  any
submission of articles for inclusion  to this Journal. Footnotes and references
should be  included within  the body of  the paper, and  the article  should be
saved as an ascii text  file. Contributions, and questions about contributions,
should    be     forwarded    to     the    listowner,    Joe     Gagne,    at:

To sign up, send a message to LISTSERV@UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU as follows:

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