Swetnam textbook

Has anyone seen (or used) James Swetnam's _An Introduction to the Study 
of New Testament Greek_ (1992)? I just got a catalog from the Jesuit 
Consortium that lists it with this description:

"This introduction to New Testament Greek grammar has been written 
especially for the person who must study without the benefit of a 
teacher, although it can be used as a class text as well. The 
explanations are detailed, the exercises are accompanied by translations, 
and there are many lists, categories, and paradigms. The entire Gospels 
of Mark and John are read in the course of a thorough introduction to 
morphology. A certain amount of syntax is also presented."

It is apparently in multiple volumes ("Parts"), each of which has two
volumes: one with lessons, the other with the key to the lessons, lists,
paradigms, and indices.  The price listed is $50.00, but I cannot tell if
that is for the whole set, or just the first volume. If it is for the 
whole set, that is $3 cheaper than Machen was last month.

It looks interesting.  Anyone know anything about it?

Philip Graber
Emory University