Re: Man born blind

> > 	"Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"  
> > Implies two possibilities:
> > 
> > a.	That God would punish a child (an unborn child, at that) for the 
> > sins of his parents, or
> > 
> > b.	That God would punish a person for sins before that person had 
> > committed them.
> I have a great deal of difficulty with interpretation #2.  It seems more
> likely that some theory of pre-existence is implied, but I am open to
> contrary evidence.
> David

Let's not forget Jesus' answer to the question! ... "Neither, but it was
done so that God's power (unsure of exact word) might be shown..."

Even had the disciples had a notion of pre-existence, Jesus ended it with
that sentence.