Job 4.18

In an adult bible class I'm currently leading, I recently included a 
reference to Job 4.18 as one of the many characteristics of angels. Job 
which I  have translated "..and he (God) perceives the crooked way of 
his angels". Some translations of the LXX use perversness for SKOLION but 
this seems to impute a moral decision rather than a simple, but less than 
omniscient exercise of free will. Since most english texts are based on 
the Hb (ToHoLo), they are often rendered as "..and he charges *error* 
(mistakes?) to his angels". Since the Hb seems to be pretty 
straightforward here I am looking for some exegetical clarification. If 
we stick with the Hb text we are left, it seems, with imperfect angels, 
who make errors (in judgement? or perhaps only random mistakes - harmless 
or non-benign?) to which they seem to be held accountable. But if we 
stick with the LXX, a much softer exegesis can be made. Which tradition 
has the greater strength? Be gentle - I didn't want this to be viewed as 
a "Scholastic" exercise in angels and pinheads :-)


Chuck Arnold
Upper Marlboro, MD