Re: divorce and remarriage

> Jim, why don't you give a brief summary of John Edward's
> work on chapter 5. 


This post is in reference to the book "An In Depth Study of Marriage  
and Divorce" by John L. Edwards, College Press Publishing Co.,  
copyright 1985

Mr. Edwards takes the position that the word translated adultery  
should be understood as the act of breaking the marriage covenant.

In reference to Matthew 5:31-37 he makes this statement:

  If we translate this passage recognizing the passive voice
  it would read something like this:

    It has been said, "Anyone who divorces his wife must
    give her a certificate of divorce."  But I tell you 

    that anyone who divorces his wife, except for forni-
    cation, makes her adulterated, and anyone who marries
    the divorced woman is adulterated.

Is this a valid translation of the Greek in these verses?

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