Re: Divorce and Remarriage/Mat. 5:32

A couple of bibliog. pointers and an additional semantic issue for the
R. E. Collins, _Divorce in the New Testament_ (Collegeville, MN: 
Liturgical Press, 1992) (very full and learned treatment of the
traditioning of Jesus' statements in the NT).
D. R. Catchpole, "The Synoptic Divorce Material as a Traditio-Historical
Problem," Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 57(1974), 92-127 (good
Bruce Vawter, "Divorce and the New Testament," Catholic Biblical Quarterly
39(1977), 528-43 (also good survey).
J. A. Fitzmyer, "The Matthean Divorce Texts and Some New Palestinian
Evidence," Theological STudies 37(1976), 197-226.

Fitzmyer's article introduces the semantic issue I wanted to bring up: 
the Matthean "exceptive clause" which refers to "porneia".  F. provides
evidence that the term may have translated an earlier Semitic term, "zenut,"
which in the lst cent. could refer to marriages forbidden under Leviticus
17-18 rules about near relations marrying.  Thus the "exceptive" clause
may have originally referred to divorce being permissible where the
marriage was between near relations, and "porneia" may have meant
something thus considerably more specific than sexual misadventures on the
part of the spouse.

Larry Hurtado, Religion, Univ. of Manitoba