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 > Does anyone have recommendations for a good introduction to the Syriac
 > language (as used in the Peshitta)?
 > David

I don't know if it's still available, or maybe it's even been updated,
but you might try to find:

Healey, John F.  _First Studies in Syriac_.  University Semitics Study
Aids 6, 1980.  ISBN 0 7044 0390 0. On the back of the title page, one
reads: "This work is produced in the University of Birmingham.  It may
be obtained direct either from the author, Dr. J.F. Healey (Department
of Semitic Languages, University College, Cardiff Cf1 1Xl) or from the
Secretary, Department of Theology, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT." 
If I remember correctly, an audio cassette is also available, which is
designed to help you pronounce Syriac "properly" (according to Healey).

Probably there are people on the ANE list who would be able to answer
this question better than I.

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