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Subject: RE: Syriac  on Fri, 21 Oct  1:20 AM

>I don't know if it's still available, or maybe it's 
>even been updated,  but you might try to find:
>Healey, John F.  _First Studies in Syriac_.  University 
>Semitics Study  Aids 6, 1980.  ISBN 0 7044 0390 0.

For a review of this book and the tape see the _Catholic 
Biblical Quarterly_ 49:4 (1987)pp. 641-644.

The reviewer concludes: 
"the beginning student, I fear, is better served by Robinson's 
grammar. Despite all its faults, it's systematic treatment is 
still superior to H.'s approach"
He is critical, too, of the accompanying tape, pointing out 
"the speaker pronounces some letters differently from the 
description H. offers on  p.......".

OTH, his review of an another volume in the Birmingham series, 
J.H.Eaton " Horizons in Semitic Series: Articles for the 
Student" concludes:
" ... overall this volume is very useful to the student".

Hope this is of some help.


Maurice A. O'Sullivan  [Bray,Ireland]