Re: Q

On 21 Oct 1994, STEVE SCHAPER wrote:

> In a message dated 10-19-94 Sterling Bjorndahl wrote to Steve Schaper:
>  SB> No, the Q hypothesis (and I don't hesitate to call it a hypothesis) 
>  SB> involves a WRITTEN GREEK source.
>  There is _no_ manuscript evidence for this mythical document! The earliest
> historical source (Papias) knows nothing of it. 

I am curious.  Because the vast collection of _logia_ of Jesus collected
by Papias has long vanished (why?) and we do not know what was in it with
the exception of a few repeated in passing elsewhere, how can one know
what Papias knew?  I have often wondered why such an interesting
collection of sayings attributed to Jesus vanished.