Re: Which do I seek ?

All right.  This is my last message, but I feel a need to defend myself 
(of course, that's what started this).  I am new to b-greek and mailing 
lists in general.  I stand humbly corrected as to the relevance of 
discussing Q.
  I admit I had unconsiously assumed any true Bible scholar would 
also be a believer.  I had overlooked the pure literary aspect of 
studying scripture.  I will in the future try to learn what I can from 
the posts and ignore the ones that are uninteresting to me, rather than 
voice my opinion of them, as this only stirs up more comments that have 
nothing to do with b-greek, and hence are just cluttering subscribers' 
mailboxes (like this one, which is the last one from me).
			Grace and Peace (I can still say that, right?),
			John Whitlock