Re: Q and Papias

On 25 Oct 1994, STEVE SCHAPER wrote:

> It has been conclusively (or so it seems to me) shown that there is no
> literary relationship between the synoptics. Yes, they record the same events,
> often, but the actual texts show, when analyzed, that they are not
> _literarily_ dependant. That does not preclude, of course, witnessing the same
> events and then writing them down, or taking notes or memorizing as the
> disciples of rabbis often did.

I suppose one question that needs to be considered here is whether or not 
a similar story of Jesus was transmitted in Greek and Aramaic at the 
earliest time (which may or not be connected to the question of whether or 
not Jesus and his followers spoke only Aramaic).  If Greek-speaking 
Christian leaders (say, the deacons in Acts?) had a coherent set of oral 
or written texts about Jesus's words and deeds, that might explain some 
commonalities in our gospels.

Greg Jordan