Re: Q and Papias

On Thu, 27 Oct 1994 Michael_Thompson@housing.ucsd.edu wrote:

>      I agree and go a step further.  I may be naive, but I feel that 
>      assumption of a Matthean priority in the writing of the gospels goes a 
>      long way to plugging a lot of the Q holes (as it were).  I believe 
>      that is Farmer's position isn't it?

Does no one have a problem with the "birth story" tacked on to the
beginning of Matthew?  The "core" text of Matthew begins exactly where
Mark begins--with the appearance of John the Baptist.  Whatever one's view of
the nature of Q, the lack of such a birth story in Mark would seem further
evidence of Mark's priority--as is, possibly, the lack of a genuine
"resurrection" postscript in Mark.


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