Re: memo

On Fri, 28 Oct 1994, Penn State is #1 wrote:

> I have what must seem like a very mundane question, but one that I would like ananswer to nonetheless.  It concerns middle voice and/or deponent verbs.  How
> do you parse these, specifically what voice do you give them?  For example,
> apokrinomai, "I answer," is of course passive in form, but active in meaning. 
> Would you instruct a student to parse it as first person, singular, present,
> deponent, indicative?  Or would you recommend 1st pers., sing., pres., MIDDLE, 
> indicative.  I have seen both done, and I am not sure what is normal procedure.
> Thanks for any help you can give.

I struggled with this this semester. If you insist that the students 
write out the vocabulary form when they parse, then indicating "middle" 
or "passive" for the voice of a deponent will not obcure the fact that it 
is deponent. But since the point of having them parse is to make sure 
they understand what it means (and how to translate it), I have opted to 
have them use "deponent" in the parsing.

Philip Graber
Emory University