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On Fri, 28 Oct 1994, Penn State is #1 wrote:

> I have what must seem like a very mundane question, but one that I would like ananswer to nonetheless.  It concerns middle voice and/or deponent verbs.  How
> do you parse these, specifically what voice do you give them?  For example,
> apokrinomai, "I answer," is of course passive in form, but active in meaning. 
> Would you instruct a student to parse it as first person, singular, present,
> deponent, indicative?  Or would you recommend 1st pers., sing., pres., MIDDLE, 
> indicative.  I have seen both done, and I am not sure what is normal procedure.
> Thanks for any help you can give.
> Andy Smith

I don't know what _normal_ procedure is, but I have them parse these 
forms as '. . . deponent. . .' rather than '. . . middle. . .' since this 
procedure shows me that they recognize not only the form, but the 
function as well. If they parse the forms as middle, I can't tell if they 
know the verb is deponent or if they just recognize the ending as a 
middle voice ending.

Micheal Palmer
Mellon Research Fellow in Greek Linguistics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill