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 "(> I suppose one question that needs to be considered here is whether or
 "(> not a similar story of Jesus was transmitted in Greek and Aramaic at
 "(> the earliest time (which may or not be connected to the question of
 "(> whether or not Jesus and his followers spoke only Aramaic).  If
 "(> Greek-speaking Christian leaders (say, the deacons in Acts?) had a
 "(> coherent set of oral or written texts about Jesus's words and deeds,
 "(> that might explain some commonalities in our gospels.
 Perhaps we need to examine what methods were used in training the disciples
of the rabbis in particular, but perhaps also the disciples of the
philosophical schools as well. My understanding is that the former both
learned to recite sayings word for word, but also took notes, at least in some
cases. Such multiple separate traditions coming from multiple students could
produce the situation we see in the synoptics of many of the same sayings and
situations being reported, with similar, yet altered language not
characteristic of literary sourcing.

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