Re: Q and Papias

I have noticed a problem creeping into our discussions that I would like 
to issue a caveat on, as I did towards the beginning of this thread.  It 
is not the "Q Hypothesis", it is the 2 Source Hypothesis.  Discussing the 
nature of Q stands alone, as does discussing the priority of Mark.  It is 
only when we posit a Q and Marcan priority as the ultimate sources for 
Matthew and Luke that we have the 2 Source Hypothesis, and it is this 
conjunction of issues that some of us take exception to.  Rejecting this 
explanation does not entail rejecting Q, or necessarily even in rejecting 
Marcan priority.  We need to tread very carefully, and be very aware of 
what we are discussing if this thread will bear any useful fruit.

-Larry Swain
Parmly Billings Library