Re: Q and Papias

On Tue, 1 Nov 1994, Gregory Jordan (ENG) wrote:
> There is a difference between deliberately limiting one's manner and 
> content of speaking, on the one hand, and deliberately misleading others 
> by false pretenses, on the other hand.  I think we can all play with all our 
> cards on the table, with all our different hands, and still play by the 
> same rules.  Or not?  It seems to me the alternative is aimless and 
> endless argument to no constructive purpose. 

I deem this a noble statement. I would not want to participate in this 
list if I didn't believe this was the fundamental spirit of the list. And 
surely this doesn't mean that irony and humor have no part in the 
exchanges; it does mean that we care about the truth as we can discern it 
and that ulterior motives don't govern our saying what we think. Am I 
misreading you, Greg?

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