Book query (Binnick & Comrie)

I just read James Voelz's article on verbal aspect in Neotestamentica and 
he cited a book I'd not heard of before: Robert I. Binnick, _Time and the 
Verb: A Guide to Tense and Aspect_ (Oxford, 1991). Is anyone familiar 
with this, and if so, could you pass on your observations as to content 
and value?

Second, I've read many references to Comrie's _Aspect_, but it is 
apparently out of print. To complicate matters, only one seminary or 
univ. library in the Minneapolis metro area has a copy catalogued--but 
it's missing. Since this is directly related to my probable dissertation 
topic, I'd very much like to buy a used copy. Anyone know where I could 
find it? Or do you have a copy gathering dust you'd be willing to sell?


Rod Decker
Calvary Theological Seminary
Kansas City