Re: Preverbs

On Fri, 4 Nov 1994 rod.j.decker@uwrf.edu wrote:
> OK--I'll be the one to display my ignorance and ask, "What are preverbs?" 
> That's a new term to me and I don't find it in any of the standard Koine 
> grammars I have here at the house. Since two linguists (Palmer & Olsen) 
> and one classical scholar (Conrad)  recognized it, I'd assume it is either a 
> specialized term from linguistics that I haven't encountered or something 
> out of classical discussion. My hope is that I know what it is by a 
> different name! :)  Mind enlightening me (and the others who are 
> also wondering but not asking!)?

OK, OK: on another list yesterday (Ancien-L) somebody suggeted, "Let's 
discuss X"--to which in rapid-fire succession came several responses with 
single lines, not all worded the same, but all to the same effect: "Yes, 
let's discuss it." As yet there have been only two substantive messages 
in that "thread" (whereby it 'hangs'). Now it appears that on THIS list, 
we (and I do include myself) are ALL (with two exceptions noted in Rod's 
message) going to display our ignorance.

SOOOO: I confess my ignorance. I'd never heard of a preverb, but 
endeavoring to read between the lines and make an assumption from the 
context, namely that "preverbs" must be the prefix-element, originally a 
preposition or adverb, used with a verb. I may be wrong, but I posted my 
own response to the message in question on that bold assumption. IF 
that's what it is, why is the term preferable to 'prefix'; and if that's 
what it is, the linguists will, I hope, explain to us why this is a 
preferable term.

I also took a stab at "convertible proposition" and assumed that it meant 
the kind of linkage of subject and predicate word by EINAI where "X = Y" 
may be said to be equivalent to "Y = X."

Convict me of error or stupidity, ye who know, or else congratulate me on 
my felicitous guesswork. I don't know which it was. (MEA CULPA, MEA 

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