Preverbs vs. prefixes

In response to my request re. "preverbs" and the multiplication of compound
verbs with two or more "preverbs" in koine Greek, I read interesting
observations. I admit that it might be of interest to some people to know
whether these elements have to be called "preverbs" or "prefixes", and I am
of course ready to correct my phrasing (and furthermore I am not a native
English speaker) but this does not change the nature nor the use of these
elements. So, I am sorry if my terminology did not like up to date to the
members of the list, but I am looking for answers rather than insights into
the question.

Here some precision. I have published a full lemmatized index of the works
of both Gregory Nazianzen and Amphilochius of Iconium (both IVth cent.
Fathers), and compared the peculiarities of their language. Among the words
used by Amphilochius and not by Gregory are a lot of compound words, esp.
verbs with two "prefixes". Is this to be put in relationship with the fact
that Amphilochius addresses more everyday life topics than Gregory?

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