Re: preverbs

             ...   "preverbs" must be the prefix-element, originally a
preposition or adverb, used with a verb. I may be wrong, but I posted my
own response to the message in question on that bold assumption. IF
that's what it is, why is the term preferable to 'prefix'; and if that's
what it is, the linguists will, I hope, explain to us why this is a
preferable term.
(Carl W. Conrad)

Yes, a "preverb" is exactly this: the prefix-element in a compounded
verb. Cfr. lat. "praeverbium" (Varro, Gellius, Gramm. Lat.),
analogous to "adverbium".
     But it emerges as separate category because a preverb affects 
a *verbal* meaning and may sometimes qualify the special 
semantic of the *verb*: "Aktionsart" and aspect. Cfr. in russian 
the distinction between "itti" (to walk) and "po-itti" (to start off).
Cfr. lat. "facio/conficio", "gradior/ingredior" ecc. or gr. 
"pheugo/katapheugo" ecc.

Domenico LEMBO

       Domenico LEMBO                   Universita' di Napoli