References on Tense and Discourse

	I recently saw this on the Linguist List and, given the recent
discussion of aspect and discourse here, I thought it might be of
interest.  (I know that tense and aspect are at least analytically
distinct, but I suspect that at least some of these references deal
with the interaction of the two in creating textual and dialogue
``cohesion'', to use Hasan's phrase.)  I hope that this is of use.


Date: Sun, 13 Nov 1994 16:20:22 -0500 (EST)
From: Viola Giulia Miglio <viola@wam.umd.edu>
Subject: sum:tenses and discourse analysis

Greetings to the LIST,
        I wish to thank everyone that answered my query on tenses and
discourse analysis.  I hope I have remembered to mention all of them in
the following list - I seem to have had problems with my e-mail
directories recently, and there's a possibility I may have lost some
        Needless to say I will continue to welcome replies to the
original query and anyone wishing to have further information on
bibliography than what is appended below, should feel free to contact me
at the following e-mail address: viola@wam.umd.edu.
Best Regards

Viola Miglio

Thanks to:

Celso Alvarez Caccamo
Ellen L. Contini-Morava
Jeff Deby
Suzanne Fleischman
Hilde Hasselgerd
Jairo Morais Nunes
Toshio Ohori
William J. Rapaport
Larry Rosenwald
Milea Angela Simoes Froes
Wilbert Spooren
Graham Thurgood
Juan Uriagereka
Brian Wallace
Margaret E. Winter

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