Re: Healing a Leper (Mt8:1-4 = Mk1:40-45 = Lk5:12-16)

Sterling Bjorndahl wrote:
> I wonder if we're talking past each other here.  I wasn't talking about
> the usage of KURIE and related terms.  I was talking about the picture
> that Luke and Matthew paint of Jesus.  Both of them make Jesus appear
> less "earthy" than Mark does, according to the 2 source hypothesis. 
> Both of them make people around Jesus, especially the disciples, more
> "reverent."

This, then, begs the question: are Matthew and Luke actually independent in
making Jesus appear less "earthy"?  Or is this due to a dependence of some
kind (say, Luke on Matthew)?  Perhaps one way to resolve this is to look at
those sections of Mark which parallel only one other synoptic and determine
that evangelist's proclivities.

Another way, which I was doing, was to look for a literary dependence in
how their tendencies were manifested.  The change to Mk1:40 looks to me
like a very Matthean redaction, and I don't know why Luke stumbled across
the same exact change.  On the hand, there is little agreement elsewhere:
Luke shows his own technique with EPISTATA throughout the rest of his Gospel.

Sure, I would expect Matthew and Luke to occasionally coincide in their
editings, but five identical edits yielding a string of eighteen identical
words in the same sequence is suspicious and must be explained even if by

Other theories like Farmer-Griesbach (Luke dependent on Matthew, Mark on
both) or Goulder (sp?) (Matthew dependent on Mark, Luke on both) must also
be able to explain the same data convincingly, especially Mark's or Luke's
respective redactorial methodology.

>              For specifics about Luke, see pp. 90-96 of Cadbury's _The
> Style and Literary Method of Luke_.  There are a lot of data there.  (Is
> it pretentious these days to use the plural verb with "data"?  I don't
> want to be pretentious.  It's bad enough just to be a
> curmudgeon-in-training.  Maybe I should pretend that it's a Greek noun,
> and use a singular verb for this neuter plural!)

The English word "data" is changing from a count noun in the plural to a
mass noun in the singular, so no matter what you choose, someone will
disagree with you.

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