Re: NT Greek

On Wed, 16 Nov 1994, David A. Salomon wrote:

> Would someone please recommend a good book to begin study of NT
> Greek? I really have no background in Greek but do know Latin, French
> and Hebrew.

I suggest you take a look at Eugene Van Ness Goetchius, The Language of 
the NT, which also has a workbook to go with it.  The workbook isn't 
great but many of the exercises are good.  The main problem with 
Goetchius (besides the price) is that its attention to grammar and modern 
linguistic analysis is troublesome to many students.  You, however, might 
profit from it.

If you want something very simple, many of us around here are still using 
J Gresham Machen, NT Greek for Beginners.

Pat Tiller
Harvard Divinity School