john 1:1 arkhe

Leave it to John 1:1 to jump-start a quiet e-list :-)

But I have a question about the first 2 words: en arkhEi.  Obviously this 
is closely following the Hebrew/Septuagint, but shouldn't it have an 
article?  En tEi arkhEi?  Or is this a set adverbial phrase in Koine?  
And if so, what does it mean?

I was also wondering if the heavy emphasis of this phrase, at the 
beginning of the sentence, could also be due to it's figurative meaning.  
Augustine's virtuoso exegesis suggested "beginning" referred to God the 
Son (in the beginning God created ..., i.e., by means of the messiah), 
but Revelation 21:6 would seem to suggest it could also refer to God the 
Father ("I am the beginning" = hE arkhE; or at least, I interpret ho 
kathEmenos epi to thronOi, the one sitting upon the throne, as God the 

Greg Jordan