Re: Further question on Word order.

concerning the word order of John 1.1 - just a comment.  Sometimes it is useful
to look beyond the clause to see what may be happening with word order.  The
first three clauses (all linked by kai's) alternate structure - the first is
predicate (prep phrase) linking verb subject, the second begins with the
word that ended the previous clause and is subject linking verb prep phrase
(an example of chiasm), the third comcludes by the sequence predicate (here
a noun) linking verb and subject once more (again the last word of the
second clause becomes the first word of the third clause).  Any analysis
of one of the clauses ought to reflect on the structure of all three it
would seem.  These are not novel observations - just a reminder that
context applies to clauses as well as words.

Fritz Rusch  rusch@inst.augie.edu