John 1:1c

There are so many fallacies in Mr. Craig's "a god" translation of John 1:1,
that I scarcely know where to begin to answer.  I have a choice of either
writing an on-line book, or I could refer to a couple of scholarly articles. 
I will cop-out to the latter, thus saving myself much time.

Both of the following decimate the above position:
1. Philip B. Harner's article in the Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. 92,
 Philadelphia, 1973; titled: Qualitative Anarthrous Predicate Nouns...
2. Jesus as God, by Murray J. Harris, 1992, Chapt. 2.

As a side note, it is very interesting that the Jehovah's Witnesses appeal
to Harner's article in support of their translation of John 1:1 (The Kingdom 
Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures, 1985, appendix pg. 1140). It 
was of no surprise to me (as I have double checked many of their references)
that Harner's article not only did NOT support their translation, but  that it 
actually refuted their position (I find this to be the case in many of their
appeals to scholars and reference works).