Re: Jn. 1:1c

On Mon, 28 Nov 1994 DDDJ@aol.com wrote:

> <<Another indication that "the Word was divine" is not an adequate
> rendering of QEOS HN O( LOGOS is that there is a word in Koine Greek that
> exactly corresponds to "divine" (QEIOS), and it is not used here.>>

> I have never felt that this was a valid argument. Is there not also a word in
> Greek for Loving? Yet When John Wrote God is Love, did he mean that God=love
> or Love=God. No he meant God is Loving. In the same way John meant that the
> Word was divine, (By the way the diety of Christ is no problem for me)
> Dennis
I believe God is indeed = love. Not just loving, although he is. Even
God's creatures may at times be loving; but God is the purest form of 
love, the definition as it were of love. Also love is indeed = God. If 
one were to ask what or who God is, the best answer might be love.


Chuck Arnold
Upper Marlboro, MD