Re: rendering greek letters and accents

Derek Odegard wrote:

>I have been on this list now for several weeks, and I'm still trying to
>figure out how to render the Greek alphabet.  Are there accepted rules?
>Derek Odegard

> CheeseyDog@aol.com wrote:
>You have rightly observed that there isn't any CONSISTENT approach to 
>this matter. There is, to be sure, a standard called "TLG Beta Code" 
>which involves using open- and close-parentheses for smooth and rough 
>breathings, left- and right- slash-marks for acute and grave accents 
>(before the vowel in question), a standard correspondence list for the 
>alphabetic characters, etc. Occasionally we post that system on this 

>Carl W. Conrad

I have been working quite a lot with the TLG code in the preparation of our
Philo Concordance at the University of Trondheim, Norway. 

Theodore Brunner at the TLG has informed us about the TLG - gopher, the
exact TLG code can be found there. This code is not always too intuitive,
so I would suggest a moderated TLG code:

The letters: 
A is alpha, B is beta, G is gamma, D is delta, E is epsilon, Z is zeta, H i
eta, Q is theta, I is iota, K is kappa, L is lambda, M is mu, N is nu, C is
xi, O is omicron, P is pi, R is rho, S is sigma (also final), T is tau, U
is upsilon, F is phi, X is chi, Y is psi and W is omega. The * at the
beginning of a word marks a capital letter.

The diacritics:
 / is acute accent, \ is the grave accent, @ is the circumflex, (  is rough
breathing, ) is smooth breathing,  ^ is iota subscripta, and + is
They all come AFTER the vowel. The breathings come first, then the accents
and then iota sub and diairesis.

The punctuation marks etc.:
' is apostrophe, is comma, . is period, : is colon, " is quotation, and ;
is question.

If this look too difficult, I could make examples for each case that could
perhaps clear up things. There are also programs that translate to/from
TLG-code from Greek fonts like Supergreek. I have made one myself in Hyper

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