Re: Jhn. 1:1 discussion

On Sat, 3 Dec 1994, Stephen Carlson wrote:

> Gregory Jordan wrote:
> > It has since occurred to me that maybe Jesus is not alluding to this 
> > passage at all.  He says, "prin Abraam genesthai" (John 8:58), yet Moses 
> > lived long after Abraham, and the Burning Bush episode was after Abraham, 
> > not before him.
> What about something like Psalm 90 [89]:2,
>    Before the mountains were born ... thou art.
> Note the similar use of the tenses.

Were the mountains born? or begotten? or hatched? Interesting that 
Abraham came to be in the middle voice, but the mountains in the passive. 
I suppose egennHthHn does get used as an aorist of ginomai, although it 
seems to me that it more properly is from gennaw.

I think that there are enough instances of EGW EIMI in John's gospel 
that it is still more likely that the Exodus passage is the source of the 
usage in general, and that it IS intended to point to the equation of 
Jesus with YHWH.

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