Romans 8:5

 Isn't the idea of Romans 8:5 something like: for, the ones being-ontes-
 according to flesh the things of the flesh they are minding-or SETTING the
 mind to--,but the ones according to spirit the things of the spirit.

 the use of kata here seems to indicate that the translation into English
 would have to include the idea of principles or ideas or practices that
 are according to the flesh as opposed to the spirit.

 I think the key to this is phronousin-which is aform of phroneO which I've
 seen rendered as to SET the mind or set to exercise the mind in some regard.

 Compare Col. 3:2 where Paul says ta anO phroneite, mh ta epi ths yhs i.e.
  The things above set-your-mind-to, not the things upon the earth....

  There seems to be consistancy in Paul's thought on this topic especially
  if you start reading Romans chapters 4-8 where there is a beautiful
  progression concerening our somewhat schizophrenic condition -i.e. spirit
  versus flesh-law versus undeserved favour-the things above and the things
  below etc. in which we operate at the present time.
						      Peter Cepuch