Re: eph 2:1

> Is there any reason anyone can think of as to why most translations> of Eph.
> 2:1 translate the present participle ontas as were instead of being>? This
> could be then rendered:
   Given that the present participle can seem to have a past sense,
e.g., "while x was doing something", it does not seem unreasonable
to give it such a sense here.  Add to this the fact that Paul is
contrasting their current state of being saved by grace with Their
old state of being dead in sin (as also seen in chapter four when
Paul contrasts old and new man), I would think this would seem 
a fairly reasonable way to translate ontas.  I think its rendering
as current or past depends upon the point of view of the author.  
I might render it "and while you were dead in trespasses and sins",

Ken Litwak