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        Re: New Textual Crit Book 
        Re: New textual crit book? 
        Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek
        Re: Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek
        Re: Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek 
        Re: Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek 


From: "Bart D. Ehrman" <BARTUNC@uncmvs.oit.unc.edu>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 95 08:22 EST
Subject: Re: New Textual Crit Book 

   The book you're referring to is edited by Barbara Aland
and Joel Delobel.  It contains the papers presented at a special
seminar organized for the International Society of Biblical
Literature Meeting in Munster Germany in 1994 by Barbara Aland
on issues in NT Textual Criticism.  Her idea was to have
textual specialists from different countries come
together to discuss outstanding issues and problems, as a
way of promoting international dialogue.  The participants
were Tjitze Baarda (the Netherlands), Jacobus Petzer (South
Africa), William Petersen (USA), myself (USA), herself (Germany),
with Joel Delobel (Belgium) moderating (or, at points,

   The book represents revised versions of the papers presented,
with an additional essay by Delobel (who didn't read a paper
at the conference) and a nice dedicatory tribute to Kurt Aland.

- -- Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


From: "John F. Godfrey" <john@spirit.org> 
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 1995 10:39:19 -0500
Subject: Re: New textual crit book? 

I thought it would be worthwhile to add/correct the distributors of
Kok Pharos in the States.

They are also distributed by:

Eerdmans Publishing Co.
255 Jefferson SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49503


The gentleman I spoke to there said the cost of this paperback, less
than 200 pp. was $31.75.  Quite expensive!

Hope you find this info. useful.

In Him,

Pastor John F. Godfrey


From: "CALVIN L. PORTER" <CPORTER@butler.edu>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 1995 15:28:17 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek

I am in the process of evaluating possible textbooks for a year-long (2 
semesters, 3 hrs per week) course in beginning Greek.  I have received a 
copy of William D. Mounce,s Basics of Biblical Greek and would like to hear 
from anyone who has had experience using his text for such a course.  
	1.  Is completing that text reasonably possible in a one-year 
course?  Any suggestions about pacing such a course?
	2.  How have student's reacted to the text?
	3.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the text?  Pitfalls?
	4.  What can be expected of students when they have completed this 

Perhaps your comments should be sent directly to me rather than distributed 
on the list.

Calvin Porter
Christian Theological Seminary
1000 West 42nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208



From: "R. Glenn Wooden" <glenn.wooden@acadiau.ca>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 17:57:02 ADT
Subject: Re: Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek

Please do not just reply off the list!  Others of us are very 
interested in this line of discussion. I am always interested in 
knowing what grammars are best and what are their strengths and 
weaknesses, etc. -- I want my students to learn so that they can USE 
their Greek, not just claim that they survived the course!

> Perhaps your comments should be sent directly to me rather than distributed 
> on the list.

Glenn Wooden
Acadia Divinity College
Wolfville N.S.



From: JohnFrith@aol.com
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 23:29:05 -0500
Subject: Re: Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek 

I have been using Bill Mounce's grammar for 3 years now and can highly
reccomend it.  Before we used it we were beginning the Fall semester with
40-50 undergraduate Greek students and ending up in the Spring with less than
20.  Now we usually only loose about 10 students.  I generally finish the
textbook midway through the Spring semester and then take my students into
exegesis of 1 John.  The strengths of the book IMHO are:
*Students are translating from the NT by the second week of class (with
help).  This helps stimulate motivation to the more repetitive work.
*Mounce's system minimizes paradigm memorization and instead focuses on
learning basic endings and rules for how the different tenses use them.
*There is a workbook that works well with the Text and all the excercises are
right out of the NT.
*There are 2 software programs available that are tied to the text (for
instance the vocab flashcard prog. the student can stipulate that he wants to
study vocab from ch 4-12 etc)
*Bill and Zondervan have been very helpful in providing diskette (both
dos/win and Mac) based support for teachers including, quizzes, exams,
overheads and the answers to the workbook questions and excercises.
*This Greek text is the first I had ever seen that spends some time
explaining English grammar.  Most students today know little English grammar
and learn what they know by studying Greek.
As for negatives:
*At times the morphological discussions, rather than being helpful, tend to
confuse beginning students (positively, most of this is given in "advanced
information" sections that you can tell your students not to worry about.)
*Even after the second edition, there are still a few rough spots and typos.
Overall, I have been very pleased with the book, however, I still have a
nagging doubt:  Because I started teaching Greek at the same time we switched
texts, was it the teacher or the text that made the difference?

Feel free to contact me with any further questions:
David "Chip" Hard
Philadelphia College of Bible
at John Frith@aol.com

John Frith (1603-1633) courageous English Reformer burned at the stake on the
4th of July 1633.


From: John Calvin Hall <johnhall@gulf.net>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 23:23:07 -0600
Subject: Re: Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek 

>I have been using Bill Mounce's grammar for 3 years now and can highly
>reccomend it.  

We've been using Machen's "NT Greek for Beginners" for eons and have found
it to be priceless to new Greek students.  A couple of years ago, we were
misinformed that Machen was no longer in print, and we switched to another
textbook (the title aludes me at the moment). Well, to make a long story
short, those first year students that had that book, are now third year
Greek students, and they are being eaten alive in class!!! We IMMEDIATELY
switched back the next year and many of them went out and bought a copy of
Machen just to get a more solid foundation..... besides, anyone who
dedicates a Greek text book to his mother, must be pretty awesome!!! =)

>David "Chip" Hard
>Philadelphia College of Bible
>at John Frith@aol.com

Greetings to my northern colleage!

John Calvin Hall
Pensacola Christian College
at johnhall@gulf.net

>From the Study of
               John Calvin Hall

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