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b-greek-digest             Friday, 24 March 1995       Volume 01 : Number 629

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        Re: Transparent Language


From: Kenneth Litwak <kenneth@sybase.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 22:15:57 PST
Subject: Re: Transparent Language


   Indeed, there is an upgrade, V 3.0.  I have both the Windows
version and the DOS version.  I upgraded from the latest Windows
version tothe latest DOS version because it takes WinDOZE about five
minutes to load the program.  That's fine if I want to go brew herbal
tea, but I expe t a little betterThe latest version includes a 
language-sensitive user interface, keyed to the language of your
choice, and I chose German, since that's my current preoccupation.
I liked the looks of the Windows version better but it was just too
slow.  Or as one recent article I read put it, "Windows is like the
US government.  It takes all your resources and does apparently
nothing with them."

Ken Litwak
Emeryville, CA


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