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        Historical Present/Semitic Influence


From: craig@tmh.chattanooga.net
Date: Sun, 07 May 1995 21:38:11 EST4
Subject: Historical Present/Semitic Influence

 p > Does Semitic influence mean that the "historical" present verbs are 
  p > scattered around indescriminately? Do they now function differently in 
  p > Mark than in Greek writings without Semitic influence? Or do they 
  p > function the same way that the waw-consecutive does in Hebrew? If the 
  p > answer to any of these is positive, I (being negative) still think we
  p > not have a clear idea of how these narrative present verbs function
 I was simply offering some suggestions. I do not claim to understand how the
 H.P. functions.  Did you read the book I suggested?
  (I am
  p > no Hebrew scholar, but I have not seen an explanation of the 
  p > "waw-consecutive" that is particularly satisfying either).
 The function of the "waw-consecutive" is clear. An "explanation" of its
 genesis is not at all clear, but neither is it necessary for descriptive
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