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        Secret Gospel of Mark 
        Re: The Christ Hymn
        Re: The Christ Hymn
        God's Word (again)


From: "Edgar M. Krentz" <emkrentz@mcs.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 09:44:01 -0600
Subject: Secret Gospel of Mark 

There was a recent lengthy string about the _Secret Gospel of Mark_
published by Morton Smith. Those interested may want to read a reent

A. H. Criddle, "On the Mar Saba Letter Attributed to Clement of
Alexandria," _Journal of Early Christian Studies_ 2,3 (Summer 1995)

Criddle argues that the Clement letter is spurious and that _Secret Mark_
is therefore of dubious authenticity. His argument is based on a model of
vocabulary statisitics that he and an analysis of uaantitative rhythms.


Sorry to say, I am signing off of B-Greek until early August because of a
trip to Turkey and Italy, a family reunion, and then a trip to Prague for
the meeting of SNTS. I hope I can discover on my return what reaction you
have to all this.

Have a good summer.

Edgar Krentz <emkrentz@mcs.com>
New Testament, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
1100 East 55th St., Chicago, IL 60615
(Voice) Home: 312/947-8105; Off.: 312-753-0752


From: "David B. Gowler" <DGOWLER@micah.chowan.edu>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 11:18:20 EST
Subject: Re: The Christ Hymn

William Brooks wrote:

> If these doctrines were already found in the NT then how could they "be
> developed" as though they were something new? The first Trinitarian Council
> at Nicea (325 if memory serves right) was called only because the assumed
> biblical doctrine of the Trinity was challenged by the Arians. 

The NT did not appear over night.  There was development in the 
traditions before the intervening years from Jesus death until 
the written records.  You make it sound as if "orthodoxy" was 
born immediately in 33 CE and that the apostles (and all others) 
immediately had it all figured out.

As far as your other comments, I will respond later.  I am 
leaving for the summer and will have a new e-mail address in a 
week or so.


David B. Gowler
Associate Professor of Religion
Chowan College


From: "David B. Gowler" <DGOWLER@micah.chowan.edu>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 14:08:30 EST
Subject: Re: The Christ Hymn

W. Brooks wrote:

> David Gowler recently replied to a post of mine 
concerning adoptionalism, so > I think it right to reply to his 
post. > 

> >But this post ignores, however, the echoes of 
> >"adoptionism" found in places in the NT.
> References??

As I mentioned in my previous note, I am leaving the list 
immediately for about a week.  But let me give you just one 

If memory serves me, the "Son of God" article in *ABD* will 
answer the questions you raised, including the one about 
references.  Especially in the ". . . in the NT" section it will 
deal with the "echoes" that I talked about.  There are many NT 
passages treated there, and I will not take the time to list 
them here.

Bye for now.


David B. Gowler
Associate Professor of Religion
Chowan College


From: Mark W Lucas <markl@stpetes.win-uk.net> 
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 16:32:27
Subject: God's Word (again)

The 'God's Word' Bible has finally reached the UK and I have just
obtained a copy.

I remember a few weeks ago there was some discussion on this list
of the merits and demerits of this translaton. If any of you have a
digenst of the pertinent points in that discussion I would be very
grateful if you could send me a copy.

Thanks for your help.

Mark Lucas (London, UK)

Feel free to mail me direct on 
or compuserve 100025,1511


From: WILLARD@univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 16:33:16 EDT
Subject: [none]

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