Analysis of all the relative clauses in Revelation

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Analysis of all the relative clauses in Revelation

Post by jwmealy » November 28th, 2017, 7:05 pm

I've done an analysis of all the relative clauses in Revelation. If any of you is interested in the topic, I'd love to have comments or feedback on the attached spreadsheet. Sheet 1 is every relative clause in context of the verse in which it occurs, Sheet 2 is occurrence statistics, and Sheet 3 is a taxonomy of types of relative clauses that I am using to perform the analysis. The three sheets are just printed one after the other to pdf but I can put the excel workbook in your hands if you wish.

I'm away from a theological library so I'm just going by what I remember and I might be forgetting some subtleties.
Relative Pronouns in Revelation Analysis.pdf
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