Resources and methods for teaching and learning New Testament Greek.
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Post by Matthew Longhorn » January 4th, 2019, 2:23 pm

I am teaching my friend the subjunctive this coming week and have been playing with the idea of getting a bit more creative in the way that I show meanings. I have knocked together a basic visual of the senses (not complete yet) and was hoping for feedback.
Basically I am trying to help him see that there are interrelations between the meanings and that it isn't just a grab bag of different senses. I am not claiming that I am showing true connections or developments from any core sense over time other than trying to flag the element of contingency.

Any thoughts would be appreciated - if it doesn't work / make sense to people then I need to go back and rethink the approach
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Please note, I am not an artist so hopefully my attempts at stick figures bring some smiles to those more gifted!
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