Living Koine vs. The Rest of the World

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Re: Living Koine vs. The Rest of the World

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Jonathan Robie wrote:Very, very cool. Perhaps you have seen Daniel Streett's post saying we need something like this, and this related thread?

How do you plan to make your work available?

When you say "pages", are you thinking of paper publication only? This would be tremendously useful in many formats - flashcard software like Anki or Mnemosyne, course authoring systems like Moodle, browser-based systems that might resemble Rosetta Stone or Livemocha ...

It would be really nice to have this in a format that could easily be repurposed in many ways.
The format will be jpeg picture pages (10 per page), with audio tracks for each page. Thus it will be able to be distributed electronically, for both the picture pages and the corresponding audio tracks.

Thank you for the links. I have checked them and learned from them.

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Re: Living Koine vs. The Rest of the World

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I and my students used the Rosetta Stone for modern Greek (rather than koine) for one semester as a break after a three or four years of koine.
After all, they might visit Greece, or meet Greek folks someday, so rather than spend a lot of time trying immersion in "restored". "Erasmian" or any other pronunciation with a limited population, we all plugged in to the language lab each week and spent some hours drilling..
Rosetta Stone has some annoying quirks, but it did get them involved in communicating in Greek - and maybe encouraged them to try "College Year in Athens".
Also - even in Beginning Greek (koine) I teach the students some modern Greek greetings and "please" and "thank you", "one beer please" "one coffee please" at relevant points in the course.
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