Significant αι /ε interchanges?

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Re: Significant αι /ε interchanges?

Post by RandallButh » February 10th, 2012, 4:16 am

ἆρα μὲν οὖν τὴν παλαιὰν διαθήκην καινοῖ ἢ κενοῖ ἡ καινή?
Does the New Covenant renew or make empty the Old?

The last part of which would of course come out in a MG προφορά as

kenee ee kenee ee kenee.

Just a bit of prophoric pun-ditry.
Yes, that works as a chain that crosses the borders of clarity. Kids in most languages find or produce such ambiguous stretches of text as jokes or riddles.

In your case I would not expect your sentence to be written by a MG speaker, and while there is less problem in the KOINH period
(κεnυ η κενυ η κενη )
it would take special circumstances for an author to put a sentence together just like that.
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