Nestle-Aland 28. edition

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Wieland Willker
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Nestle-Aland 28. edition

Post by Wieland Willker » July 11th, 2012, 3:36 am

The mills of TC grind slowly.
But now info is spreading about the new 28th edition of the "Nestle-Aland" Novum Testamentum Graece.
It will appear in autumn this year, probably in September.

"Novum Testamentum Graece"

German Bible Society
13,3 x 18,7 cm
ca. 1008 pages

Standard Edition:

ISBN 978-3-438-05140-0
28 €, CHF 41,50

Download for Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS und Android:
each ca. 30 €, CHF 48,50
- Windows ISBN 978-3-438-02760-3
- OS X ISBN 978-3-438- 02763-4
- iOS ISBN 978-3-438- 02764-1
- Android ISBN 978-3-438- 02765-8

In October there will appear a short introductory volume by David Trobisch:
Die 28. Auflage des Nestle-Aland. Eine Einführung
David Trobisch
ca. 96 Seiten,
ISBN 978-3-438-05141-7
9,90 €, CHF 14,90
Tommy Wasserman writes: "a free standing introduction has been prepared by Dr. David Trobisch. The first part supplies a thorough explanation of the Nestle-Aland edition not presupposing any previous familiarity with critical editions. In a second part, Trobisch explains the structure of the apparatus and its appendices. The third and final part, aimed at practised users of Nestle-Aland, focuses on the new features of the 28th edition."

In November there will be more editions:
Greek-English New Testament
with New Revised Standard Version and Revised English Bible
ca. 1728 Seiten,
ISBN 978-3-438-05162-2
44,00 €, CHF 60,90

Edition with
- Greek/German Dictionary
ISBN 978-3-438-05159-2
35,00 €, CHF 48,50
- Greek/English Dictionary
ISBN 978-3-438-05160-8
35,00 €, CHF 48,50

A Large Print Edition will probably appear later, when the usual errors of a new edition have been corrected.

There will also be a new ECM edition of the complete Catholic Epistles (thread stitching, ca. 600 pages, 98 €). ISBN 978-3-438-05605-4

Here is a first preview of NA28 (from Jude):

More info will appear soon on:
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Best wishes

Mark House
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Re: Nestle-Aland 28. edition

Post by Mark House » July 11th, 2012, 3:40 pm

Here are the ISBNs of the various editions:

Blue hardcover: ISBN 9781619700307
Flexisoft Black (what most call imitation): ISBN 9781619700314
Flexisoft Blue: ISBN 9781619700321
With Greek-English dictionary: ISBN 9781619700468
Greek-English edition NA28/NRSV/REB: ISBN 9781619700352

And the new ECM:

ECM The Catholic Epistles Parts 1 & 2 Text and Supplementary Material: 9781619700451
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Jonathan Robie
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Re: Nestle-Aland 28. edition

Post by Jonathan Robie » July 11th, 2012, 4:02 pm

Nice fonts, from the sample. Is the dictionary the same as in earlier editions?
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