Translation notes included the LXX

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Tim Evans
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Translation notes included the LXX

Post by Tim Evans » April 1st, 2017, 12:46 am

I'm beginning my journey into the LXX.

Is there a resource for the LXX which is provides translation notes. Not so much the textual criticism (like Metzgers notes), but more translational issues?
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S Walch
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Re: Translation notes included the LXX

Post by S Walch » April 3rd, 2017, 8:00 pm

I'm afraid I don't know of any book that contains translational help notes for the LXX.

The NETS PDF's contain very good introductions to each book, all giving translational-issue discussions. Find them all online at

As for 'translational issues', well, that's a rather large subject. As translation of the LXX is a translation of a translation, there are two ways to look at how we translate the LXX - do we translate as if it's just a Greek document, or do we refer to the underlying Hebrew original to assist in understanding the text of the LXX? You'll probably guess, this isn't decided easily.

There is one book you should definitely get, and that's the 2nd edition of Invitation to the Septuagint by K. Jobes and M. Silva - ... b_title_bk

If you want a good, if not currently the best, introduction to the Septuagint and issues concerning translation, then that's a book you should have on your bookcase :)
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