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Re-issue of BibleWorks NT Greek sentence diagrams looks promising

Posted: August 15th, 2019, 5:41 pm
by Randy Leedy
With the closure of BibleWorks software last summer, I have been granted joint rights to my GNT sentence diagrams (Reed-Kellogg style) for publication purposes. Discussions with GBS (the copyright holder of the Nestle-Aland text that the diagrams use) seem clearly to portend agreeable royalty terms. So I think the likelihood of the re-issue of these diagrams has risen to a level that justifies public mention--but no absolute promises just yet.

Determining the best form for the diagrams to take on has proven challenging. I find that the e-book format does not support graphics vectors, only bitmaps. The 2,000 pages of diagrams would make an ebook file impractically large. So the only simple path forward I can see is via PDF. A web-based presentation would certainly be possible, as well as some sort of standalone app, but these approaches are beyond my development abilities, and I am not in a position to underwrite the cost of professional development in such forms. So, unless GBS has reasons to object to distribution in that format (I'm awaiting response on that point), it's the likely next step.

I've posted a web site at to keep interested parties informed of progress. I hope that I'll be ready to release perhaps by late this year or early next. The price is undetermined at present. GBS royalties are significant, so I don't foresee a price under the $20 point. I imagine that a price much over $40 would likely diminish overall revenue, so it seems likely to me that the price will be within that range. I would love to distribute the diagrams freely, but I was downsized out of my longtime teaching position at Bob Jones University Seminary this past May, and I suspect that my financial future for the next decade or so until retirement is likely to involve some scrambling for income in a variety of ways. So I need to piece together whatever I can in an effort to stay active in technical work with the Greek New Testament.

Whatever might be posted here in reply to this thread, I would appreciate receiving expressions of interest in the diagrams via the contact form at, where I can more easily compile them.

Also on offer at that site is a macro I've developed for converting BibleWorks Greek font to Unicode in Microsoft Word. I will post a separate thread on that topic.

Blessings in Christ! (Acts 3:26),

Randy Leedy
Greenville SC

Re: Re-issue of BibleWorks NT Greek sentence diagrams looks promising

Posted: November 16th, 2019, 9:32 pm
by Bill Ross
I had the privilege of viewing the output of Ephesians 1 and I must say I'm quite impressed! Beautiful work Randy!

Re: Re-issue of BibleWorks NT Greek sentence diagrams looks promising

Posted: November 16th, 2019, 10:46 pm
by Randy Leedy
Thanks, Bill! Very happy to know of your positive reaction. I'm getting anxious to finish the process of getting these on the web for sale, to see how they are received. Hopefully there'll be more than two of us who think there's some value here. :-)

Randy Leedy