Mat 6:13 Who is addressed?

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Re: Mat 6:13 Who is addressed?

Post by Barry Hofstetter » October 24th, 2012, 7:03 pm

Alan Patterson wrote:May I commend the moderators for their patience!
You may indeed, and the moderators will receive and appreciate any and all commendation. However, our patience is not limitless, and here I have to issue a final warning to Roy Frederick:

Roy, you admit that you are a novice. You quote online materials which you either misread due to lack of understanding or are deliberately mishandling to advance a theological agenda of some sort. When you are corrected by individuals with far more experience than you in ancient Greek, you simply repeat your assertions as though nothing were said. It is not as though we think that we are better than the sources you cite -- it is simply that we can read them properly and see where you are getting it wrong. You do not even wish to appear to engage in legitimate discussion, but simply to publish your ideas. That's not what this forum is about. Another post along these lines will earn you moderated status. You may only post in the beginner's forum, and only questions which indicate that you are making substantive progress in learning Greek. If placed under moderation, only posts of that nature will be allowed through.

Again, the purpose of the B-Greek forum is that all individuals at whatever level may benefit from shared knowledge and growth in knowledge on the subject of Biblical Greek. If you do not conform to that purpose, then let me suggest that there are other venues (other forums, mail lists, blogs, and the like) where you may publish your ideas.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any moderator through private messaging on this forum. I'll be locking this thread after this post, if I can remember how to do it...
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