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Re: Nomina Sacra

Post by tjfinney » June 21st, 2011, 12:18 pm

Hi Jake,

Good luck with your idea. Eph is interesting -- it strikes me as an apostolic encyclical of the same class as the general letters (except 2 and 3 John), this one from Paul. People of that time were used to listening for various cues to help discern structure. The reader played a very important role. Originally, the letter may have been delivered by an insider who knew how to read it, dividing the text appropriately.

If interested, you can find all of the NS in P46 for Hebrews by looking here and searching for <ns>:

Note that É was my way of encoding one kind of punctuation. (I used a peculiar character mapping that made sense to me at the time. The letters should be straightforward; weird characters are usually varieties of punctuation.)

You might take a look at P13 too. I remember someone once saying somewhere that three letter NS (like IHS instead of IS) are early.


Tim Finney
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