A new book on how to do accents "Basics of Biblical Greek Acccents

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A new book on how to do accents "Basics of Biblical Greek Acccents

Post by Matthew Longhorn » June 1st, 2018, 11:04 am

I have just received a copy of the newly published book Basics of Biblical Greek Accents by John A. L. Lee.
It was literally only made available for sale yesterday (at least here in the UK) so thought I would let folks know that it is out as I am guessing not everyone is scouring Amazon for new Greek books on a regular basis.
Unlike Carson's great book on accents - this is not one that will have you learning lots of terminology; there is an appendix at the back containing terminology for those that want it. The chapters are short and have 12 sample sentences in exercises at the end of each which you can practice what you have learned. It looks like these exercises build up quite nicely in a cumulative fashion, reinforcing what you learn in the previous lessons.

I will probably get Carson's book in print after I finish with the exercises on this one. I abandoned it about 1/4 of the way through as trying to flip back to previous points on my phone/computer wasn't much fun. Having a print copy would certainly solve that and I do like the technical terminology.
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